How We Treat

At Bath Physio, we will always treat you in a SAFE, THOROUGH and CARING way. We aim to get you back to what you want to be doing as quickly as possible. We also aim to give you the tools to prevent your problems from returning.  When that is not possible, we aim to give you the tools to self-treat as far as possible.


What happens when you come to see us?

First, you talk to us about your problem. We listen carefully to what you think and feel. Then we question you a little further and carefully take you through some physical tests. From the results of these tests, we offer a diagnosis which we will explain to you. This diagnosis helps us decide what treatments will best alleviate your problem and the probable causes of your problem.  We then move on to the treatments.

What happens if I need further tests?

Some patients may require x-rays, MRI scans, ultrasound scans or other tests such as blood tests. Should you need any of these, we are happy to arrange them. These can be arranged privately or in conjunction with your GP who can also refer you privately or within the NHS if they feel it is appropriate.   There are some tests which we would not arrange without consultation with your GP with your consent.

What happens if I need a further referral?

Some patients may need to be referred on for an opinion or transferred to the care of an orthopaedic consultant, rheumatologist, pain clinic or a neurosurgeon for example.  Should you require this, we are happy to arrange a private appointment for you. This can also be done in conjunction with your GP for a NHS appointment.

At Bath Physio, we have a long established working relationship with the local hospitals, consultants and general practitioners in and around Bath and Bristol and within both the private sector and the NHS. We are happy to use this experience to help you access the best tests and treatments you might need for your injury or condition.

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